The Kirona User Group was established in 2004 to facilitate networking and interaction amongst Kirona product users and to create a highly-valuable feedback channel to Kirona on the needs of the user community.

The Kirona User Group comprises the great majority of organisations using the software and each membership usually has more than one representative actively participating in Kirona User Group meetings.

Members of the Kirona User Group spans organisations of various sizes from across the UK, and from these organisations, a broad range of positions and job roles are represented, from senior and middle level operational management through to IT Directors and Managers.

Goal of the Kirona User Group

To act as an independent organisation and provide an independent voice for organisations and individuals using Kirona products and technologies.

Kirona’s User Group Objectives

  1. To create a highly effective community of Kirona users.
  2. To maintain a healthy dialogue between Kirona users.
  3. To foster good communications and networking between Kirona users.
  4. To ensure Kirona understands the needs of its customers and users.
  5. To educate and communicate information to all members on Kirona product and support developments.